Friday, April 20, 2012

4 Steps To Planning A Group Vacation

Once again you have to hear how happy others are after coming back relaxed from some breathtaking island and beautiful resort while having incredible experiences. Enough is enough!

This time will be different,  you will tell them that you will be going on your incredible group excursion real soon.

GoQueenTravel knows that it takes the same time to plan a vacation for a group as it takes to plan a trip for a couple.

 Sharing time with a group of your friends or family makes anytime so much better. You can look back on the happier times in your life and sure enough, you were with a group of your favorite people.

No matter the situation sharing time with those closest to you makes any trip so much more enjoyable.
  • weddings
  • family reunions
  • girls/guys get-a-way

Planning A Group Vacation 

Don't let the thought of planning a trip stop you. It is not as difficult as you might think. It's like swinging on a swing, after first getting in motion it gets easier and easier.

4 Steps To Your First Group Vacation

Don't let another year go by without getting out experiencing somewhere new.
  1. Find a destination everyone agrees on. After deciding on the perfect destination the excitement of the travel will surely be intensified.
  2. Find a date that is agreed upon by everyone. Some of your friends may have children in school and need to make arrangements if the group trip if for adults only and during the school year.
  3. Come up with a monatary amount that is suitable for everyone. Planning in advance can assure everyone enough time to pay for their trip with ease.
  4. Call your agent, or go online to your favorite travel company with this information. If this is your first time planning for a group go to and click "Group". After giving your information a travel specialist will call you and bring your trip to life.
Now you know what millions know about planning for a group,  and like any experience the next time is easier.

There are some things that everyone should know about planning for a group that can be overlooked but very important such as travel insurance incase of bad weather and personal emergencies.

Group Vacation Check List

    1. medication
    2. passport
    3. kid/pet sitter
    4. travel insurance
    Before planning your group vacation excursion be sure to talk to everyone involved before settling on a location. Also be sure to go over a list of must have items way before to assure your trip goes without a hitch.

    There is so much to do in this wonderful world, grab some friends and plan a group vacation today!

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